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You can be jailed for 2 years for denying your husbands sex - Police warn wives

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Victoria Bess
2019-09-06 10:01:26
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Senseless law

My Point Exactly. So The 2 Years That She Is Locked Up, I Guess The Husband Gets A Free Pass On Cheating Huh...What The Fuck...Get The Fuck Out Of Here, Would Be My Response To This Senseless Ass Law. Where Do They Come Up With This Bull Crap...Someone Has Entirely Too Much Time On Their Hands. LMMFAO..

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07-21 09:00
Jersey bitch
10-09 14:19
Re: Senseless law
Victoria Bess
09-06 10:01
Maxwell Gyabaa Kyeremeh , Wamfie
07-21 17:47