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You can be jailed for 2 years for denying your husbands sex - Police warn wives

Comment: Ghana Now Another Saudi Arabia???

James B. Awotwe
2019-07-21 11:21:41
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You can be jailed for 2 years for denying your hus

What kind of nonsense is this?

Or put another way, what kind of substances do lawmakers in Ghana take before they make such laws / statements??

If a woman permanently refuses the husband sex, these are signs that the marriage is getting to an end and the man must be very fast and get divorce. Certainly she is enjoying somewhere else or has no longer interest in the marriage.

On the other hand if the man refuses to eat or always has excuses getting home late, the woman must also know that the man does not need her any longer and she must also seek for divorce.

The govt is ONLY going to worsen cases, if it tries to bring in any USELESS, bound-to-fail regulations in marriage life.

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07-21 09:00
Jersey bitch
10-09 14:19
Ghana Now Another Saudi Arabia???
James B. Awotwe
07-21 11:21
Maxwell Gyabaa Kyeremeh , Wamfie
07-21 17:47