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Foreigners cannot engage in retail business - Kyei-Mensah-Bonsu

Comment: Behave yourself @Andy-K

2019-07-21 17:20:09
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One silly comment I've read on Ghanaweb in my lifetime. You're obviously wide read and educated but your writeup is politically skewed to the detriment of history, reality, progressive development and international trade. I perceive you're leftist.

First and foremost it is the duty of the government to PROTECT the Ghanaian retail market from foreign dominance and preserve it exclusively for Ghanaians unless a foreigner meets the minimum criteria that you have derided. What is the reason for the trade war between the US and China? Every country on the planet will protect their local market from foreign domination in order to create jobs for the locals and boost development. Do you think Nigeria doesn't protect its local market from foreign domination? What was the reason for its long delay in signing onto the AfCFTA? No foreigner does retail business in Nigeria unless they meet certain minimum high criteria. Nigerians will not wait for their government, they will vandalize any retail shop of foreigners that competes theirs in most parts of the country. A video clip was posted onto the internet recently to that effect. This is not about the petty hawking you were referring to. Have you been bribed by a Nigerian or it's sheer malice? Ghanaian shops in the US, UK or wherever don't compete with the local traders or businesses for market. Can you give me one example of a US citizen of British national that retails "shaki", "koobi"? or "kpanla" or maybe "pr3k3s3"??? Come on, wise up. What is the population of Nigerians in Ghana? If the government and law enforcement doesn't take immediate steps to control foreigners, mainly Nigerians in retail businesses, it will spiral out of control and will be very difficult to contain. When Nigerians felt they couldn't contain Ghanaians in their country in the 80s, they deported them. I don't think Ghana will deport Nigerians but the government must enforce the law regarding foreigners that want to engage in retail in Ghana. I will even go further to suggest that the government sets quotas in specific retail areas for foreigners. If such quotas are capped, no foreigners must be allowed to retail in those areas in order to protect local retail traders and businesses. This is done in most countries except Ghana. Now let me school you a bit and attempt to wipe politics off your face in this matter: Nobody is saying foreigners shouldn't do business in Ghana, theirs is the WHOLESALE sector, but should a foreigner desire to engage in retail, they should meet the minimum criteria set by the government and that criteria should not be scrapped.

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Behave yourself @Andy-K
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