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63-year-old German ‘burger’ finally gets a new Ghanaian passport

Comment: God first or second

2019-07-12 14:30:14
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63-year-old German ‘burger’ finally gets a new

This is my question to Ghanaians: Does the belief in God(morality) come first in our lives or later when our lives are "screwed "? There is talk about God in almost everything we do and say by everyone, yet we even lack basic morals; thou shalt not steal! Listening to this interview, I am tempted to believe the mere mention of God is just part of our vocabulary with no significance. The guy seems to have no remorse for the action he took(smuggling narcotics into Germany), but rather believes he rather has been wronged by the justice system. The narcotics board should get him his documents as the court prescribed. Wonder if german authorities would even let him back in. He is not a German national.If he were arrested in Germany, he would serve his sentence and be deported back to Ghana. So what does he need those documents for? My take is that he is seeking cheap popularity and it's not encouraging at all!

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07-12 04:47
God first or second
07-12 14:30