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63-year-old German ‘burger’ finally gets a new Ghanaian passport

Comment: Shame on you!

Kwame Togbei
2019-07-12 09:04:44
Comment to:
63-year-old German ‘burger’ finally gets a new

You are a disgrace to our nation! You were caught smuggling cocaine into Germany on the third attempt. This means you were likely twice successful. Think of the damage you inflicted on drug users in Germany.
You should be arrested in Germany or deported on arrival.
Shame on you. You are evil, wicked and a disgrace to Ghanaians.
It's because of your kind that the rest of us are hassled when we arrive abroad.
Selfish fool and swine you are!!

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07-12 04:47
Shame on you!
Kwame Togbei
07-12 09:04