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63-year-old German ‘burger’ finally gets a new Ghanaian passport

Comment: No German Word Like 'Burger'

James B Awotwe
2019-07-12 07:32:31
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Re: Some Ghanaians are too greedy

Sleeping Tablet,

Let me point to you that there is no German word like 'Burger'.

There is Buerger ( ü,ue is the u-umlaut, which cannot be accepted in this text area because it does not support the extended ASCI characters)

And then there is burger, where x indicates the name of a location/state that ends with 'burg' Examples include Hamburg, Brandeburg, Charlottenburg ie locations that has developed from/grown around some 'castle'

The Ghanaian form of the word
'burger' originated from the fact that the first Ghanaians in Germany were predominnatly in the city Hamburg, and when they visited home they would be bragging 'ich bin ein Hamburger', 'ich bin Hamburger', so often that people cut it short and called them 'burger' or even 'bogga'

In 1971, I boarded a taxi at Adum, Kumasi and to my surprise the driver and one of the passengers were speaking German (very broken one, because I was then a student at the Goethe Institue and knew basic German). I heard the term 'burger' at least six times in their conversation!!

In short if you say a 'Burger' to a German he would look at you as if you come from Mars, because it does not make any sense. If you say 'Buerger', he understands it to be a 'citizen' and if you say a Hamburger, he will understand it to be pertaining to the city of Hamburg or some stuff from McDodalds, depending on the context.

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No German Word Like 'Burger'
James B Awotwe
07-12 07:32