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Ghana's Most Wanted Armed Robber Captured

Comment: RE: Tailsman Has NOW POWER!!!

2005-03-01 14:24:36
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Tailsman Has NOW POWER!!!

You are dead right. Our people are simply stupid. If talismans and other stupid so-called potions/florida waters/incences/miracle nkwaseeneema can make human beings great, as we all want to be, then why do they all want to come to aburokyire? Ask those who believe in those stupid so-called powers to go to Asia and stand before a Tsunami flood or let a nuclear bomb blast and let's see whether their stupid powers can and will save them? Stupid bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When shall we learn, brother?

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02-28 18:29
RE: Tailsman Has NOW POWER!!!
03-01 14:24