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Ghana's Most Wanted Armed Robber Captured

Comment: RE: Police abuse.

Wofa Kwame
2005-03-01 12:41:46
Comment to:
Police abuse.

Ghanaman, its only mayopic minds like yours that will buy into what the western world tells you. Africans are brutal, uncivilized, monkeys and savages. An American tells you this and you belief. I am sorry to say that you are living in a different planet. Tell me what is civilized about slavery and the barbaric nature of slavery that went on for centuries. Do you know or have your heard about colonization? If your friends put on fake faces and tell you that Africans a monkeys tell them that civilized people do not steal from monkey. Police abuse is every where in the world. Do you know what is going in other places like Iraqi and Guantanamabay? Ghanaman you have little mind and anytime you open your mouth you show your ignorance.

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02-28 18:29
RE: Police abuse.
Wofa Kwame
03-01 12:41