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Ghana's Most Wanted Armed Robber Captured

Comment: RE: Police abuse.

men di Ablajo
2005-03-01 11:10:59
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RE: Police abuse.

Obiba, yea you are right but we all know the Ghana Police. The harassement and brutallity mented on Ghanaians both guilty and innocent is well documented. I am not siding with thieves. Where I grew up at Asylum down, it was called "no thief zone". We carried several instant justice. I thought it was right then but now I know it was bad. Some people probably lost their lives in that process yet it wasn't right. Even though our nighbourhood was protected by us but it wasn't right. Obiba, I have been a victim of thieves before. In the early 80's, the group armed robbers, the first of which was apprehended and killed at Nsawam by the police. This was because I twarted one of their moves at the airport in 1982. I faced them and guns were fired. Those were the days brutally. The new Ghana need to distance herself from those days. A due cause should be followed to judge. The nature of man is soo complex that you don't exterminated every wrong doer. Some could be rehablitated back into society. We talk about our politician stealing huge sums of money form the people. What should done to them. This sort of life has become a cancer in our society and we need a better way to eradicate it.

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02-28 18:29
RE: Police abuse.
men di Ablajo
03-01 11:10