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Ghana's Most Wanted Armed Robber Captured

Comment: Police abuse.

2005-03-01 10:02:44
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Ghana's Most Wanted Armed Robber Captured

A while back I was on a American website discussing Africa. One disgusted American refered to Africans as "savages, monkeys and uncivilized". Before I could scream racist, he ponted out he arrived at that conclusion after watching a documentary on Liberia. A mother was killed by soldiers after she complained about them gang raping her 12 year old daughter. As they passed her around the mother tried to step in only to be shot. I bring this up because once again the comments on this website have proven the American right. In light of the brutal police treatment of the robber, only a couple of people dared suggest police brutality. These people were promptly shouted down by the mob. No doubt would i also will be shouted down. This robber deserves what is coming to him. If he is put on trial and sentenced to death that is fine with me. I will not shed a tear. I am angry at his treatment because it show a lack of discipline within the police force and a lack of control over the police. Civilized people do not lynch people to death on the street as it happens all the time in Africa. I am disgusted at the amount of people who see nothing wrong with the robber's treatment. It says all you neeed to know about Africa. Why there is such senseless violence and no respect for the lives of Africans. Why should anyone care about African when we Africans don't even care about ourselves? Tens of thousands of us die evey day and the world does not care. Who would want to get in the middle of such savages? If we treat the criminals among us with a just approach we send a message that violence of any kind will not be accepted. It restores the faith in the justice system of Africa. The children and citizens watching now know this vicious and brutal behavior is acceptable. I am always amazed at the amount of people on this website living in Western nations who accept this kind of behavior. What are you learning in these countries? Do you not see their justice systems? Do you not see the outrage every time someone is beaten? Where is the outrage? It is days and stories like this that make me want to wash my hands of Africa and say "to hell with them". That so many "educated" people do not see what is wrong is depressing and a sign that Africa is truly doomed. Freedom, Justice and Equality for all? Ha.

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02-28 18:29
Police abuse.
03-01 10:02