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Ghana's Most Wanted Armed Robber Captured

Comment: Tailsman Has NOW POWER!!!

2005-02-28 21:35:31
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RE: shame on atta ayi.

Please fellow Ghanaians get off this "tailsman" issue. It has NO POWER whatsover (except what you psychologically affected because of believing in it).

Why do our people (in the 21st century) still insist on believing this in stupid "spiritual" crap? Start living your lives to accept personal responsibility of your actions instead of always trying to pawn everythings unfortunate that may happen on dsome magic juju marabou mumbo jumbo!!! If this idiot of an armed robber had any real "spiritual" power from this stupid tailsman why was he captured then?. Oh, do you think he will of a sudden magically disappear from the hands of the government authorities because of this childish thing that he has on his neck. No wonder we Africans are so behind the rest of the world because we don't to want to believe in personal responsibility and accountability but rather blame our ills on some external supernatural force which we have no control over.


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02-28 18:29
Tailsman Has NOW POWER!!!
02-28 21:35