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Citizen Watch takes on government over 1D1F in Volta region

Comment: Your minority in gvnmt says it’s a scam

2019-06-20 19:11:35
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Citizen Watch

Do people sit on their balls and wait for government to come and build factories for them, what a shame. Maybe all the businesses in western world and Asia are for their governments. Is sad 19 years you ruled Ghana by your godfather J J plus another 8 years what did you do with all those stolen money. The evil that men do lives after them. Government to open factories for you to collapse them, use the money to drink Ogogoro and kill yourselves for positions. We know what you people stand for. Wake up and change your mindsets and mentalities and it will go well for you people.

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06-20 14:45
Your minority in gvnmt says it’s a scam
06-20 19:11