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I was kidnapped boarding a taxi at Tema Community 18 – Victim

Comment: Let us be careful

2019-06-19 18:36:07
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I was kidnapped boarding a taxi at Tema Community

We should be careful how we accuse Nigerians in this matter because our own people commit bigger crimes and we are not talking about it. The people who robbed me in my own where Ghanaians not Nigerians, we had Nigerians living close around our community and everyone suspected them but that same night police caught one of the robbers as he was trying to connect with his gangs that had taken away my car. They were three but only one was caught that night and confessed to the crime but the other two were still at large, the both were Ghanaian. You see we could have arrested those innocent Nigerians living around the community because all my neighbors were shouting that very night that it was Nigerians that robbed us. Let us be careful, i still feel that some of these reports are fake.

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Let us be careful
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