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Armed robbers 'emboldened', 'on rampage' under Akufo-Addo – Mahama

Comment: Ghanaian watch and make decisions

Mahama cannot be good in anyway
2019-06-16 15:26:07
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Armed robbers 'emboldened', 'on rampage' under Aku

Mahama gyai gyimie no, evil criminal minded man like you. No matter what you do in the secret , Ghanaians still don't like you back as you came on as a president before and we saw how you drained the country. Try to act like an adult for once. Talk sense and stop these nonsense of yours coming on the public platform and talk rubbish always.we know you and we know you cannot give us anything tangible as a nation other than stealing from us. Your evil intention demoted you as a president. In Ghana we look at things and we think deep and we make our decisions. You are good for nothing person.

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06-16 11:25
Ghanaian watch and make decisions
Mahama cannot be good in anyway
06-16 15:26