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Armed robbers 'emboldened', 'on rampage' under Akufo-Addo – Mahama

Comment: Mahama employed Charlotte a Nigerian

Bribi wo soro
2019-06-16 13:05:18
Comment to:
Manama is the cause of insecurity

Why won’t the Nigerians be emboldened in Ghana after all you Mahama hired Charlotte Osei a Calabar woman from Nigeria to supervise our elections. Also many of the Nigerian banks were licensed by your regime. Mahama is just a hypocrite, these Nigerians have been committing crimes for a long time in the country. They train their Ghanaian counterparts in the crimes being committed. We should screen foreigners coming into the country.

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06-16 11:25
Mahama employed Charlotte a Nigerian
Bribi wo soro
06-16 13:05