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Direct your anger to Ofosu Ampofo – Owusu Bempah to kidnapped girls’ families

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Truth Hurts
2019-06-12 13:41:17
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Man Of God

I'm always worried when people assume the title REVEREND. The word appears only once in the Bible and it is attributed to Jehovah God only. It is therefore blasphemous for a mere human, much less a bleached he goat to assume that title. Even angels who are created a little higher than humans would not dare do that. Of course, he could be a priest, prophet or whatever for a deity but not the Almighty because there were priests who were serving other gods before God instituted the Aaronic priesthood, such as the Babylonians, Persians and even the Egyptians where Joseph married the daughter of an Egyptian priest. Owusu Bempah could belong to any of such groups, no one cares but please let's stop addressing him with that title. It is only the Almighty God who is reverence. Shalom.

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06-12 08:54
Re: Man Of God
Truth Hurts
06-12 13:41