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Trainee nurse abducted and raped by ex-fiancé

Comment: Trainee nurse abducted

2019-06-10 08:38:00
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Trainee nurse abducted and raped severally by ex-f

How can this be an abduction? Many questions must answered by the lady. Why did she chose to meet the exboy friend in the first place? What did the guy tell her before she joined him to the guest house?How did she get to the guest house? Did they walk?Did they board a vehicle? What did he ask the guy when she found out that they were going to the guest house?Was she blindfolded? Was she handcuffed? Was there nobody at the guest house? Why didn't she make noise to draw the attention of the manager of the guest house . I have a lot of questions for her but I will reserve the rest for the police.

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Trainee nurse abducted
06-10 08:38