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Ayariga's mansion flooded after Monday's rains

Comment: Must be product of a stinking asshole

Cambridge ana-elect-trump
2019-05-21 17:36:40
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Ayariga's mansion flooded after Monday's rains

You must be more ignorant than ignorant tweeting President Hitler Asshole Trump. There are schools under trees in all the regions across Ghana. Besides, Ayariga is not responsible for which schools have buildings. Your gross ignorance and stupidity is an example of what usually leads to senseless clashes in places like Central African Republic and Rwanda. Too bad you most probably inherited your ignorance and stupidity from from your worthless parents, for the apple usually does not fall too far from the tree. Ghana can do better without a makka fakka like your type trying to unload your ignorant bullshit on society.

Your empty head fails to understand that at the writing of this article, there have been floods in the USA and across Europe, with devastating effects on home owners, both rich and not-so-rich. The solution to the havoc caused by mother nature is not to unload one's ignorance on innocent and affected home owners but to provide suggestions on how the government or individuals can go about finding practical solutions to the problems. We're all in this world with difference for a reason, to use our differences towards working for a common good of all humans. It takes bastards like you and the evil Hitler of yesterday to inflame, incite, and then cause human tragedies. Try once using your brain for something positive, and you may see a fundamental change in your life for the better.

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05-21 01:02
Must be product of a stinking asshole
Cambridge ana-elect-trump
05-21 17:36