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Ghanaians've transitioned from 'mere spectators' to 'tyrannical pessimists' on radio – Ofori-Atta

Comment: Intellectual dishonesty

2019-05-10 22:56:19
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Re: Ghanaians've transitioned from 'mere spectator

My brother to be honest and sincere let just read between the lines well....all those policies were only introduced on knee jerk basis ...and just to undermine our intellects ....that the government is doing something ....I said destructive because thing j noticed with this party is bold nepotism ...and what does nepotism do ? It destroys institutions....look at how new companies only incorporated within months get huge contracts ...look at our security service ..I never voted for mahama on principled basis ...but to be sincere this government actions and inactions ..are sooo mediocre to the highest level ...sincerely and truthfully mahama,mills ,kuffuor did soo much better than....this government is the most ineffective and super incompetent government I have ever seen ...To be honest I saw them to be smart but it seems to me otherwise ....and again watch from the birds view ..u will understand why I said their policies are self serving and pro rich .

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Intellectual dishonesty
05-10 22:56