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Afia Schwarzenegger pounces on Akua Donkor again; rains insult on her

Comment: Afia insults Akua Donkor

2019-05-06 05:33:55
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Afia Schwa is UGLY

Ghanaians sorry to say that, who gives this thing Afia Schwarzenger the audience to come and insult the elderly. For God sake se ye ka se obi apo aa na enye Afia Schwarzenger. What kind of training did your parents give you. Your children will bow their heads in shame when they see you coming home. I guess in their wildest dreams they would have to be the children of another decent mother. I feel for your children. Aden. Wo nkoa, Aden? From Delay, to Kennedy Agyapong, to this and that. You think people are afraid of you? You wait. A woman of your meter will meet you and beat you well. Akua Donkor is your mum. Honour your father and mother so that your days may be long... Respect yourself and stop those disgraceful utterance. Pray for forgiveness. You are a black sheep of your family and a disgrace to journalism and television shows. The radio and T. V Stations should ban this idiot. She is a bad influence to our young girls in society. Please!

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Afia insults Akua Donkor
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