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I aborted the baby I conceived with my second husband - Afia Schwarzenegger

Comment: Stupid Bitch

2019-04-05 15:35:31
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I aborted the baby I conceived with my second husb

Sooner or later this caricature of a human being will tell us she slept with the devil just to be popular. What is wrong with you? You are a disgrace to women and most importantly, tarnishing the image of your entire family including your children. You think being controversial and voicing out any garbage will make you popular....or is part of your so called BRAND. However, you are diluting the little equity you have will end up with a very toxic brand in the end. Everyone will shun you. Mark this on the wall. We shall see where you will be in the next 5-10 years if alcohol and weed does not kill you first.

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04-03 06:14
Stupid Bitch
04-05 15:35