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I was tortured in Ghana for 35 days – Lebanese man

Comment: Shame on you NDC propagandists

Kofi USA
2019-04-01 23:14:46
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It is obviously clear that NDC is behind this plot to paint Ghana black to create the impression that Ghana is not safe so investors would stay away. Why is it that politics has become so serious that NDC would go every mile to create this impression. They are the only ones that knew about this person. Immigration at the airport is computerized so if someone arrives at Kotoka International Airport, his records will be in the system. Why is it that only NDC knew about this incident but Ghanaian security agencies don't know anything about him? c'mon NDC,... we are not fools. we can see through your lies. It is a plot by NDC to create the impression that Ghana is not safe. Not long ago, a recorded voice of the Chairman of the NDC was leaked and this was one of the things he was talking about .... kidnapping people to create the impression that Ghana is not safe to drive away investors. I WAS BORN IN THE NIGHT, BUT DEFINITELY NOT LAST NIGHT! SHAME ON YOU NDC ... YOUR SCHEMINGS HAS BEEN UNCOVERED. THIS IS A LIE FROM THE PIT OF HELL! VERY SOON THE TRUTH WILL COME OUT AND WE WILL SEE NDC AS THE EVIL PARTY THEY REALLY ARE. ONLY TIME WILL TELL!

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04-01 17:29
Shame on you NDC propagandists
Kofi USA
04-01 23:14