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I was tortured in Ghana for 35 days – Lebanese man

Comment: I pray this is false

Kofi Ata, Cambridge, UK
2019-04-01 21:06:09
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I also share your concern about he inconsistency of 35 days in captivity and the date of being arrested in December 2018 and released in March 2019. That would be nearly 90 days. Again, if he was tortured as he claimed, are there signs of torture such as injuries, deteriorating health, etc?

I am praying that this story is not true but if it's true then it's very disturbing. Torture is an international crime and should not be happening in Ghana, particularly at a time that a Human Rights Attorney is the president of the Republic.

It is also worrying because it has recently been reported that a driver and his mate who beat up a police officer were tortured in custody by the police. This is a very disturbing development in Ghana because such human rights abuses happened under military governments and not under democratically elected government.

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04-01 17:29
I pray this is false
Kofi Ata, Cambridge, UK
04-01 21:06