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'I stormed XYZ because Mugabe called me 'pig' and Akufo-Addo a wicked President' - Owusu Bempah

Comment: Mugabe u have said it all

2019-03-16 13:29:42
Comment to:
'I stormed XYZ because Mugabe called me 'pig' and

Who is this twerp calln himself a man of god?he is a demon.
Fire on mugabe. If the President is insulted, u bempah are u the president spokes person or u are part of his security team?Were are u wen ppl insult n denigrate Prof.Mills of blessed memory n Mahama?
Is president nana better than dis ppl?
Go away with your nansins mr.bleaching are a fake pastor paaaa.
Have u seen any ordained man of God in Roman,Pentecost,Presby,Anglican,Apostolic,EP and the likes seeking attention like fake ppl like u?shut up n go decieve your congregation.God is watching.You tink u are da only man of God in ghana here?Infact u are a man of satan n u are a demon.
Go and burn the sea if u can.
Dont get me mad ok.
Massa wu baaa year ben? Otabil,Duncan williams,Eastwood,Agyin Asare,Ampiah Kwofie ,Sam Kuranchie and the likes are all there to go learn from so shut up and go under their feet and be humble ok.
Which school did dis bleach pastor attended? A word to a wise.

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03-15 19:59
Mugabe u have said it all
03-16 13:29