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'I stormed XYZ because Mugabe called me 'pig' and Akufo-Addo a wicked President' - Owusu Bempah

Comment: I stormed XYZ cos I was called a Pig

Hakuna Matata- ???????? USA
2019-03-16 02:44:27
Comment to:
Owusu Bempah and Mugabe Maase

Prediction or Prophecy:
The way things are going, Ghana better be careful before the unthinkable break out. Too much lawlessness. Is it part of the occult requirements? Blood by all means? Ghana wake up for someone said in Kumasi that elections are won spiritually. Owusu Bemoan claims he has reached the spiritual havens that gives him the power to turn election results in favor of his pet. Is this the reason why a whole Nana Addo had to be initiated with a horn beamed to the whole world live? Isn't this and other reasons why Dr. Dr. Professor Hindu Bemoan is misbehaving in Ghana now? Is spiritual winning of elections with credits claimed by man free and from God? Wake up Ghana, if you are fit to be College Vice Chancellor and you are put there cos of favor, management of the College becomes problematic.....let the wise men read between the lines

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03-15 19:59
I stormed XYZ cos I was called a Pig
Hakuna Matata- ???????? USA
03-16 02:44