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I'm married to a Church elder, have 6 children but none belongs to him – Nurse confesses

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2019-03-09 21:56:02
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Author: GREAT TRUTH..........
Ofosu Ampofo, your voice on the audio tape does not depict you as a peaceful person. Ghanaians have every reasons to be scared of you, for what is in your mind makes you very dangerous man in Ghana. Where are all the teachings you have heard from your pastors and Apostles of Church of Pentecost?

The chairman of notorious NDC party, Ofosu Ampfo is worse than Osama Bin Laden, the jihadist terrorist who was killed by the US forces in Pakistan. Ofosu Ampofo is an elder of Church of Pentecost. He is a disgraced person to Church of Pentecost. A church we know that they emphasize right believing and living. A church that teaches that living a new life in Christ Jesus is what make a member a true Christian.

This Ofosu Ampofo has fallen from grace. The former chairman of COP, Apostle Opoku Nyina has been emphasizing that members should not sit down aloof with regard to politics. He encouraged members to join such organizations to influence decisions. This Ofosu Ampofo is in a strategic position his party to use his christian teachings to influence party decisions. Look at what he has done. He is the leading voice among NDC demonic gangsters who want to destroy their own country in the name of NDC party.

Church of Pentecost takes matters that bring bad name to the Church seriously. Irrespective of your human status, when you flout their statutes that govern their church, they will discipline you very well. This Ofosu Ampofo must be suspended and his eldership must be taken away from him. He does not look like he is a born again Christian. In fact, he is a disgraced to the church. He is worse than the Islamic jihadist who kill infidels for their god to have seventy two virgins in their Allah's heaven. Shame unto you Ofosu Ampofo. Jesus Christ and him crucified must be very important in your life, not notorious NDC paarty. Shame unto you!!!!!

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