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I'm married to a Church elder, have 6 children but none belongs to him – Nurse confesses

Comment: She is a wicked wife

2019-03-09 19:56:25
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I'm married to a Church elder for 13 years, have 6

This the most barbaric act ever committed by a married woman.

When she took a firm decision to allow her ex-boyfriend to father her children didn't she know the consequences?

Why is she now afraid her marriage will now crash? It was crashed the first time she concluded that her husband did not show love which has no basis for her wickedness.

Now she tells us the family of her legal husband loves her kids which exposes her lies of her not being loved by the husband.

Painfully the husband is an elder of whom she could have reported to the man's pastor or church presbytery for reprimand so he can change. She didn't do that. Now what advise again does she want?

She is wicked and needed to be punished together with that stupid ex-boyfriend who took advantage of her weakness and wickedness.

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03-09 08:26
She is a wicked wife
03-09 19:56