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I'm married to a Church elder, have 6 children but none belongs to him – Nurse confesses

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2019-03-09 17:49:28
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I'm married to a Church elder for 13 years, have 6

Married for 13 years and have 6 children. A woman is pregnant for 9 months bf birth. It takes 1 and half for the child to at least walk. That will give you 2years three months. For 6 children without any break will give u 13 years 6 months. It is also impossible that one can go through this without a break. She says she is a nurse. Does she work? If every two years you are pregnant you will lose ur job. This shows that Ghana web didn't check through all these bf bringing out an azaa story. They should have made it 2 children and it will carry the same weight. Come on well next time to convince us to believe and provide better comments.

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