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Make use of libraries in the country – Ghana Library Authority to Ghanaians

Comment: President Will Built A Future Volta

Bless Tamaklo....Akasti
2019-03-07 16:16:50
Comment to:
Make use of libraries in the country – Ghana Lib

Future Volta Rise up Raise to modern trends Voltarians.Volta rooting for Npp in 2020 President Built A Future Volta Even if the President cleans up corruption in your house you will still hate him as an individual and Ndc as a whole. I see a lot of roads being constructed in the volta region.l see a lot of development going on that did not exit during NDC.The resent roads are well constructed and won't cone off in 2 months like Those constructed by Ndc... Please voltarians have a change of mind.You don't lose anything supporting the president's agenda to build a country and not individual pockets.Npp and President Will do a lot for Voltarians.I used to be NDC but now my eyes ate wide opened for good. Voltarians Dump NDC lies.. be real.

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