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Be cautious acting on Anas’ criminal work – Security Analyst to Akufo-Addo

Comment: Action trooper

2019-03-02 21:00:03
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A Hollow Analysis

You people can deceive yourselves and laugh over the dubious hired activities of this so called transparency international. Their works are only recognized by their pay masters and a person of your type. They are only loud in Africa continent. They are part of a white man's scheme to frustrate the forward match of black continent. Fortunately for them,there are blind and ignorant following in Africa to trust and support their evil course. Its sad that in this 21t century, black man is still thinking that every foolish and evil thing such as corruption can only be attributed to his fellow black man. Black man is not stupid and corrupt as how we think. We think we are stupid and corrupt because we have brainwashed since the early days by the whites through education by negative experience. Unfortunately, we mistake a good thank you as prescribed by our culture to a kind gesture for corruption. The whites are more corrupt than us,yet their media houses are silent on them.

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03-02 16:29
Action trooper
03-02 21:00