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Amidu hasn’t met my expectation – Osafo-Maafo

Comment: Osarfo Marfo disappointed in Amidu

2019-02-17 15:30:43
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Amidu hasn’t met my expectation – Osafo-Marfo

Amidu SHOULD prosecute you first. Why are you still in government? You're still in government because of "cheap" money. Get out of government, establish a factory, create jobs for the young unemployed, pay taxes, get rich and enjoy a clean money. Ghana can take care of the needs of her children but not the greed of the few "corrupt" morally bankrupt elite. You've over stay your usessfulness and efficiency and still in government at the expense of the taxpayer. You've no business working for Ghana. Your "scent" is all over the place and we all know what your attempted when you were the Education minister during the Kufour regime. Amidu should look at you critically at your activities now in government including conflict of interest by grabbing two juicy jobs for your children. Amidu was not appointed to hunt opposition politician only but to chase corrupt politicians regardless of their political affiliation. I hope he starts with you because there might be plenty of corrupt skeletons in your closet. Amidu is too smart to be used for your dirty political games. He's not hunting the opposition politicians fast enough to fit into your political game so you're disappointed? His investigation is coming to your doorstep soon. Be patient because it's a matter of time before he knocks at your door. Hold tight sir.

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Osarfo Marfo disappointed in Amidu
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