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What Education Minister actually said or didn’t say about award of certificates in Ghana

Comment: Is this the actual quotation?

2019-02-11 16:45:35
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What Education Minister actually said or didn’t

If this is the actual quotation then Naponose may have smoked weed or he has simply displayed his intellectual bankruptcy. The entire speech is full of incoherent diction and an unstable reasoning. Is Naponose asking for a reformed curriculum or a reformed duration of students in school? Where does "diploma certificate' fit into the discourse on SHS? Diploma certificates the world over have always been from post-secondary level of education. This country can still get the engineers, entrepreneurs, surgeons etc from the SHS if the curriculum is enriched, TAL materials are available and of quality, teachers are well trained and well paid; indeed the focus should be on all that constitute "quality education" and not "quantity education". Naponose boasts daily of getting over 180,000 students into SHS with the same number of trained teachers, with the same teachers not well paid, with the same school curricula, with the same old mentality of politicians like him who pretend to know everything but know nothing.

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