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Nigerian kidnapper 'naughty boy who wants money' – Gender Minister

Comment: Journalist in bed with NPP.

2019-01-29 12:31:08
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Nigerian kidnapper 'naughty boy who wants money'

Ghanaian journalists are in bed with and lockstep with the NPP government. You are not questioning spokesmouth of Nigeria, Cythia Morrison at all. What interest has this woman got describing a criminally insane kidnapper as naughty? This is irresponsible slowing all over Nigeria in the name of sick relationship. Kidnapping is terrorism, Oman Ghana see it that way. Much as Akuffo and NPP gave a fist slap to the Delta boys who invaded and vandalized a sitting Circuit Court judge's office, same is what is playing out here by the talking horse Cythia Olusunjo Morrison. Western Region get back to the streets in your numbers. Do not be fooled by the sleeping president, excuse me, the Prime Minister of Republic of Ghana turned Ghana Dominion of Ecowas. He has failed miserably. Kwame Nkrumah Never Dies is truism. Next time when Akuffo Adoo is given the nod, he should waste two year's of tax payers' time on out of touch and unnecessary family feuding over JB Danquah vs Dr Kwame Nkrumah. Fire NPP, Western Show Boys come 2020. Is Nigeria more important than Ghana? Shame on NPP.

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Journalist in bed with NPP.
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