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Nigerian kidnapper 'naughty boy who wants money' – Gender Minister

Comment: Woman stop the re PR 4 Nigeria.

2019-01-29 12:04:41
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Nigerian kidnapper 'naughty boy who wants money'

Cynthia Morrison you are talking too much and seem to be white washing Nigeria's dirty work for the criminally insane kidnapper. Of course, money is the major factor the ritual murders and kidnappings take place. Cynthia put Ghana's interest above all else. Ghana is not and should not accommodate evil and sick persons from outside our country. Stop protecting Nigerian criminal presence here in Ghana. The relationship is loopesided in favour of Nigeria. Stop for once and reflect Ghana's interest and the physiological trauma these captive girls are enduring now. They will never be the same in life if found alive. Akuffo Addo has failed Ghana big time. He puts friendship and family's interests above national interests. 2020 is over for NPP as far as Western Region goes. Shut your beck a little MS Talkative. We want action not talk. It's a disgrace that wrong doings by Nigerians are being covered by own government. .

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01-29 11:04
Woman stop the re PR 4 Nigeria.
01-29 12:04