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‘Every woman wanted to be brother Emmanuel’s wife’ – Josephine Agyarko

Comment: Churches are becoming useless

2019-01-27 14:41:10
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Re: ‘Every woman wanted to be brother Emmanuel’s w

Any church that will refuse a polygamous man is useless . Even Moses, the very person who God used to send down his laws had 3 wives. Jacob, the man God used to establish Israel had 4 women who gave him 12 sons. This are the 12 tribes of Israel. Jesus is from the tribe of David, David had several wives.
It’s strange the Presbyterian church in USA is allowing same sex marriage but against polygamy. God is not against polygamy but he is against homosexuality. Churches are turning God words uoside down. Christianity is in crisis .

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01-27 09:13
Churches are becoming useless
01-27 14:41