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Alavanyo more volatile; weapons being produced there – Police

Comment: Doku is lying

2019-01-20 15:32:07
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Something wrong with the police

This exceedingly corrupt Doku is a clown, a total joke and one of the dishonest and fake policeman in the Ghana Police. Doku is a liar and complete jerk. What this man is saying is absolutely false. He is trying to create a problem where there’s none, and I wish someone would ask him what he has against the people of Alavanyo.

If you glean through all his rants, you see a definite pattern of utterances that contradict each other anytime he opens his mouth to the press.

Folks, Some Alavanyo youth used to make guns. I think many people were aware of this. It was limited to only one village and those involved where very few anyone could count. It wasn’t a factory, and nothing was produced in quantities like people love to lie about. Since it was what fed some of those few who made them, those guys had license to make them.
They normally made custom pistols according to design demands of those ordering them, and it’s true it’s very difficult to believe those things are manufactured locally in a remote village in Volta Region because they’re very beautiful. I do mean, a lot of art and passion went into the job. The idea was, if you could describe what you wanted them to make for you, they would give you a finished job that would shock you. They also usually wrote “Made in Belgium” or Italy etc. until JJ Rawlings asked them to print “Made in Alavanyo, Ghana” on them. They also produced rifles but not as much.

What was important was that, until the scuffle with the Nkonyas, there were no problems with guns, because you hardly noticed their presence. Alavanyo has many hunters who form groups sometimes to go hunting so there were already guns there. If I needed to go hunting, it was easy to approach any of those guys to get me one. Those who produced those pistols DIDN’T produce guns for the Nkonya problem at all. People call the scuffle war but Alavanyo people never took it as such, and on no occasion did they want to have thing develop into an all-out war. That would be crazy for anyone to try anything like that against them. However, because of the problems with the Nkonyas, the police and military took to and enterprise of constant harassment and arrests against them so much they decided to wrap the gun-making altogether. And some of these people left for Accra to find jobs.

Successive governments and some presidents in the past visited the area because of the guns, promised to establish an industry for the manufacturing processes and forgot immediately they departed the area. Apart from making guns, Alavanyo people were very good musicians and artists. Carvings and sculptures came very easily to them. The people thought the Ghana governments would develop these industries so tourism would flourish, especially that there’s also a waterfall in the area, but No.

So it’s very stupid this police officer would just keep lying about the situation instead of talking about the wee cultivation that brought the recent ignoble situation in Alavanyo Dzogbedze.

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Doku is lying
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