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NAM 1 used his occultic powers to deceive people to save at Menzgold - Prophet

Comment: Yep,i remember that one....

Abdul Slim Bill
2019-01-20 11:31:06
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Re: NAM 1 used his occultic powers to deceive peop

yes,me too...I insulted him paa when he said menzgold was not going to last....that was about a year ago. I think it was not a prophecy but some prediction, cos u don't need a prophet to tell u menzgold was a Ponzi scheme....very sad. it's true the Nam1 guy is into seriously occultism,but ur greed and ignorance played a key part. my prayer and condolences goes to all those affected. next time open ur eyes.

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01-20 02:13
Yep,i remember that one....
Abdul Slim Bill
01-20 11:31