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NAM 1 used his occultic powers to deceive people to save at Menzgold - Prophet

Comment: Naivity at It's Peak!

2019-01-20 05:28:04
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Re: NAM 1 used his occultic powers to deceive peop

Must you believe everything you are told?
Yesterday ,Ken Mentioned Beautiful girls Luring them to Menzgold. Today a self acclaimed Pastor says Juju. Tomorrow A Psychiatrist will say he used psychic energy and you will follow them. Why didn't NAM1 give 0.5% profit per month, if he had the occultic Power? Think! Humans like good packages. Even with the 7-10%, some people still objected. You are here talking about Evil powers. Got get a CERTIFICATE in Thinking.

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01-20 02:13
Naivity at It's Peak!
01-20 05:28