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You don’t want to incur the wrath of Ghanaians – Akamba to NDC flagbearer aspirants

Comment: NDC - CoE softens the FIX

Citizen Spectator
2018-12-06 06:39:10
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You don’t want to incur the wrath of Ghanaians

Akamba you and the newly elected NDC- NEC have embarrassingly exposed you duplicitous shenanigans to fix the game for JD Mahama? The Council of Elders and the other flagbearer aspirants have called your bluff? If you all believe JD Mahama has overwhelming grassroots support to win the flagbearer contest, why all these pretentious schemes to help him ? Most people in the NDC know NEC is in JD Mahama’s pocket ?? As we say in Texas, we have seen this Russian Rodeo before? We remember the elimination of opposition to Mahama’s candidature for the 2016 election and the bizarre disqualications of other flagbearers by Charlotte Osei’s EC based on administrative shortcomings to help Mahama? Ghanaians are no fools. They can see a “ Fix” and reject it !! NDC - NEC should not delude themselves that they are fair referees? We know they are not!!! We also believe that no amount of JD Mahama money can buy the 2020 elections?? NPP and it’s flagbearer won’t be patsies??

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12-06 05:14
NDC - CoE softens the FIX
Citizen Spectator
12-06 06:39