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Woman in court for assaulting police officer at GN bank office

Comment: Find the cause and surcharge the bank md

2018-11-29 06:16:27
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Re: Woman in court for assaulting police officer a

Nobody is commenting, because the police ought to know better and act in good faith of professionalism.
Violence is alien in our society, but the unprofessionalism on the side of Ghana police , is thebact forcing Ghanaians to be violent,
As security personal sometimes you need to applied psycology in handling certain issues.
Now the bank

Frankly speaking what is going in the country concerning the tricks the banks are playing on customers whonwant their money is total unacceptable, the first point of call must come from the police to caution the banks , that they are not going to shield the unprofessional stealing and tricks conduct of the banks,
It is either they situp, or forget police , because they cannot hide behind the security , law and order, to steal and play tricks , the police personels should also remember that they are also customers of the banks in the country, so if they right thing are not asked to be done, they could also be a victim.
The police should not charge the woman alone, they should listen to her story , and if necessary bring the bank manager under surcharge, because it is the bank who had caused that problem.

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Find the cause and surcharge the bank md
11-29 06:16