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National Cathedral to cost government $100m – Kwakye Ofosu claims

Comment: our leaders need wisdom

2018-11-22 09:48:36
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National Cathedral to cost government $100m – Kw

God will punish every Politian/citizen who due to their selfish interest weighs a national cathedral building over providing basic human right amenities to the society. Its just a sad country we live in. People who should know better are thinking so poorly and this way, we as a nation shall never prosper. Who in his rightful mind would put up a religious building whiles his children cant get asses to decent 3 square meal and a good healthcare. An MP was just flown to get a better healthcare in USA. Condolences to his family though. But until they do the right thing God will continue punishing them for us...

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11-22 01:31
our leaders need wisdom
11-22 09:48