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National Cathedral to cost government $100m – Kwakye Ofosu claims

Comment: Kwakye Ofosu hypocrisy has no bounds

2018-11-22 08:16:05
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National Cathedral to cost government $100m – Kw

Kwakye Ofosu are you listening to your self? Block head, if political actions and communications are not about stairring people’s emotions to vote for your party, why have you made it your life vocation to demonize Akuff Addo and his NPP and insult his person incessantly? You are no Christian so don’t claim to be one. We don’t need any of your stolen monies from our treasury to fund the building of our national cathedral ! We will build the National Cathedral whether you and your NDC like it or not? And if the prospect and pain of being in opposition for 8 years is making you go bezerk, we can locate a cynide pill for you to end your misery? And talking about spending on infrastructures like hospitals and schools, it was your pay master JD Mahama who said talking about infrastructure builds is a manifestation of political mediocrity . As your party’s founder advised at your NDC delegates conference last weekend, listen to yourselves when you speak. You are an unabashed hypocrite!!

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11-22 01:31
Kwakye Ofosu hypocrisy has no bounds
11-22 08:16