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National Cathedral to cost government $100m – Kwakye Ofosu claims


Kwajo Nyarko-Mensah, Atlanta GA
2018-11-22 06:13:40
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National Cathedral to cost government $100m – Kw

Nana ei, if you have been inspired to build a Cathedral to the glory of God and as your legacy, by all means build it. But Sir, please make sure the Cathedral has a nerve center for a modern day clinic with the best equipments to take care of you if you fall sick and there would be no need to fly you or any of your 'yes sir master' supporters to Europe or America for medical attention.

Hmmm, how about a nerve center for Water pipelines to every home in Ghana; first class Road Networks; oh Dumsor nightmare; Toilet facilities; Super improved School infrastructure covering the whole nation; and more and more including jobs, jobs, jobs all centered in the Blessed Cathedral showering blessings to the Nation of Ghana. Wao, that will be a real blessing from the Lord who dwells in the Cathedral.

Please build the Cathedral but make sure all these things and more happen within and without the confines of WAAO to the glory of the LORD.

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11-22 01:31
Kwajo Nyarko-Mensah, Atlanta GA
11-22 06:13