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Mahama's 40-year development plan 'nonsense' – Tony Aidoo

Comment: Data and reality.

2018-11-20 14:25:57
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Effusions of Tony Aidoo

Data and reality. Dr. Tony Aidoo has contradicted himself in that he said people are not ready to give you the data.
So for Tony Aidoo you have to wait without planning till you get the data.
I am however of the view that planning comes first before data.
When I want to build a house I first get the plan, I mean the building plan before I get to know what goes into the building. I don't first go to look for the cost of sand, cement, iron rods, stone chippings, water, labour, and whatever you need for constructing a house before you get your building plan.
When I want to cook I make up a plan of cooking food, and what sort of food, then I put the things that go into the food which we may say are the data.

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Data and reality.
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