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Asiwa Police Commander shot at Nsuta

Comment: Police officer shot

2018-11-18 12:49:06
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Re: Think before you talk

From your submission, i can conclude that you are not responsible person. Your parents are still feeding you. You don't pay any rent. Where are you from? Many tribes reside in Ashanti region . if someone has shot the police officer in Ashanti region , that doesn't mean that the assailant is an Ashanti. Secondly, the Asawase issue was not committed by an Ashanti. And even if the officer was shot by an Ashanti ,the law must it cause. And don't think Ashanti's are evil as you think. Get closer to us and see the real character of an Ashanti. God forbid war in Ghana, but if war break out never think Ashanti's will be defeated.

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Police officer shot
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