Entertainment of Sunday, 14 November 2004

Source: Graphic Showbiz

Daddy Lumba ? So Far, So Good

Ghanaian music star, Daddy Lumba, just out with a phenomenal twentieth album, has said that the sheer enormity of his latest achievement has awed him. ?If I am not making any noise about it, it is because that achievement has humbled me,? the prolific song writer, singer and producer told Showbiz last Monday.

?When I started, I did not have the faintest idea that I will come so far and I am also grateful to all those who listen to my music, for their enthusiasm and support.?

Daddy Lumba, who is currently spending sometime in his Accra home, away from his base in Cologne, Germany, told showbiz that this particular year, 2004, has been a special year for him.

?Besides being the year for releasing my number twenty album, 2004 is the year I turned 40 , and it has been the same year my wife and I celebrate our twentieth marriage anniversary.?

With so much going for him, Daddy Lumba, who says he devotes all his time to music and invests most of his earnings back into music and into real estate, still remembers the very first album that he wrote and cut with his colleague, Nana Acheampong under the name, Lumba Brothers.

?Yes, I will always remember that first album. It was titled 'Yereye Aka Akwantuo Mu' and besides it being a breakthrough for me, the song itself represented the deep frustrations that much Ghanaian immigration in Europe faced at the time. In fact if it were not for my wife, that album could have been released. She sponsored it's production and virtually pushed it through,? Lumba said.

Since that first album, Daddy Lumba has released 19 others as  a songwriter, or singer or producer or all three. These albums include ?Obi Ato Meso Boo?, ?Sika Asem?, ?Ohia Asem?, ?Playboy?, ?Sesee Wo Se?,  Odo Foforo?, ?Biribi Regyegye Wo?, ?Back For Good?, ?Mesom Jesus?, and ?Woana Na Otene?.

Others are ?Aben Wo Ha?, ?Woho Kyere?, ?Adepa Hye Adepa?, ?Poison?, ?Papa Samo?, ?Ofie Banbofo?, ?Asee Ho?, ?Odo Bewu Dee Eno Nwu? and the latest one ?Ahenfo Kyinie?.

In his recording career, Daddy Lumba said he has worked with a good number of other musicians. ?I have enjoyed working with my Ghanaian colleagues such as Felix Owusu, Yaw Micah, A.B. Crentsil, Selina, Borax and currently Pat Thomas.

?Pat Thomas especially is someone I have had great respect for and I am delighted that I have been able to work with him to produce such a beautiful album. My next target, my dream, is to do an album with Kojo Antwi. Last year, I had the privilege of performing with Kojo in Brixton, London. We had such a great time that I am eagerly looking forward to the day that we can do an album together.?

Currently Lumba said he has five albums which are hundred percent complete which are yet to be released. ?You must realize that the music consumption rate in Ghana is not that high. Any musician who wants to make it solely through music therefore should be consistent and release an album at short periods.?

Perhaps what has helped Lumba to rise above many of his colleagues as far as consistency in album release goes, is the way he makes his plans well ahead of time.

Over the years, he has invested in vital equipments that he needs. He owns his own studio where he does all his work and also owns machines that do mastering, cassette duplication, loading, printing and shrink wrapping exclusively for his works.