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Government shares expired fertilizer as gifts to cocoa farmers

Comment: Alan the liar bully rogue

Dumb investigators of Boston
2018-10-30 17:56:23
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Government shares expired fertilizer as gifts to

Expiration does not mean in efficacy. It may not be 100 percent active. With the discovery of oil and the exploration Ghana could benefit immensely from all these. Nitrogen phosphate fertilizer is a by product of oil. So also is gas for cooking and powering machines. Guess what? In Ghana the gas is flared ( burnt and destroyed) because when it is too much it chokes the system to make it difficult to pump the oil. What a waste! we are only interested in the oil and all others should go down the drain. Because of these we are not getting the full benefits of the oil discovery, which could have reduced unemployment and save the poor trees in the forest for charcoal and firewood. Even the stupid most quaff Alan and his team of buffoons know this

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10-30 15:00
Alan the liar bully rogue
Dumb investigators of Boston
10-30 17:56