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Valerie Sawyerr sues AG, EOCO over Ghana Gas audit report

Comment: YAW BOYE, NDC Foot Soldier!

2018-10-09 13:45:20
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Re: Valerie Sawyerr is a THIEF!

For your information, there’s a basis for any allegation especially when it’s based on a FORENSIC AUDIT!! What audit was done on the so called: 5321? Didn’t CHRAJ and IMF throw out NDCs Ken Bond allegation..! NDC members are only looking for equalization against this government but it’ll NOT WASH!! IMF recently threw out Your China Loan enquiries...Shame on You!! Valarie Sawyer should be JAILED as soon as found guilty!!

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10-09 09:11
YAW BOYE, NDC Foot Soldier!
10-09 13:45