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Valerie Sawyerr sues AG, EOCO over Ghana Gas audit report

Comment: Valarie Sawyer show your power now

Alhaji Yussif
2018-10-09 12:57:27
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Valerie Sawyerr sues AG, EOCO over Ghana Gas audit

If Valarie Sawyer can shit helicopters in her chamber pot,then she should be send to prison to ship more helicopters in a headpan and carry it herself,this woman is very insolent and full of shit,she must be fully investigated.Going to court to prevent being investigated is one big insult and a joke,among all the board members of Ghana gas why is she only the only one talking and ranting all in the media?she feels she’s the only one with PhD and a long pen to write insulting articles,now the security agencies re calling you to proof your intellectual ability by accounting for your stewardship and you re out there talking nonsense.Valarie Sawyer I thought you said you were ready for the chains of Akufo Addo,I thought you feared nothing,let the ndc continue to say they re solidly behind you and just in case you ve to go to prison,we ll see if any of them ll go inplace of you,it didn’t happen in the case of Twatsu though they claimed there were behind him more solidly than what they say to you today.

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10-09 09:11
Valarie Sawyer show your power now
Alhaji Yussif
10-09 12:57