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Is ‘Kojo Bonsu 2020’ a betrayal or a running mate slot game plan?

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2018-09-30 17:04:55
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hahahahaha! then ndc will rot in opposition if that is your thinking. Unfortunately that is not the thinking of the founder wose wife is not a Ga, an ewe or Northerner but the granddaughter of the Golden Stool , Ashanti! in any case are the ewes inheritance matrimonial or paternal? answer yourself mr ndc idiot john? if matrimonial then Rawlings has no business calling himself an ewe and don't understand why the ewes will claim he is theirs when Rawlings is not an ewe name! 2ndly I see the man want to be a Ga where he was on than a ewe 3rdly, he see his kids more of Ashanti because of his wife so, I see him rooting for Akonta more than that Gonja mafia who want to hijack his party. I wouldn't be surprised if Kojo Bonsu was influenced by the Rawlingses the way I see this , of all the contestants who have visited him he is the only one he put on his Facebook page to encourage his determination! I see this plan is to neutralize John mahama's Ashanti delegates votes he is in die need of to win the flagbearer candidate. Can't mahama think and reorganize the founder doesn't like him? John mahama's utterances are putting people off and making ndc more unattractive

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Re: Is ‘Kojo Bonsu 2020’ a betrayal or a running m
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